After a failed attempt to climb Wutong Mountain in Shenzhen, I took the Guanghui subway back home from Guangzhou on the CR400AF-A train for a day.

The reason for this matter is that I watched "Xiangshan Expedition" again and took a photo of my radio, so I decided to climb Wutong Mountain during the college entrance examination holiday. I am writing this article to commemorate my sore and exhausted legs.

0. A Wonderful Start - Grabbing the Iron G6211 from Guangzhou South to Shenzhen North#

I took the G6211 train from Guangzhou South, which is a high-speed train. The train number is CR400AF-A-2098.

My seat is in car 15. In theory, I should have taken the right side of the security check to get to the platform faster, but I still chose the left side to take pictures of the train.
At this time, I still looked down on the subway next to me, and then it turned into a boomerang.
Taking a Seat
The occupancy rate of this train is very high. There are only four people in the first-class car, including me. The experience is very good, except that the car is still as narrow as the F1 car of the CRH, and my phone cannot measure the speed.
After half an hour, I arrived at Shenzhen North Station, and then it was time to go to Wutong Mountain.
To be honest, does anyone come to Shenzhen for tourism?

1. The Harbinger of Torture - Shenzhen Metro Shenzhen North to Wutong Mountain South#

Shenzhen Metro


The platform signs of the Shenzhen Metro are not similar to the MTR, they are exactly the same. There is nothing special about the experience, it is very ordinary.


After exiting the station, the archway of Wutong Mountain is on the left, and walking up will lead to the entrance of Lingyun Road.


Lingyun Road is the most challenging road on Wutong Mountain, but I didn't know that at the time. So I encountered this kind of road:


The view halfway up the mountain is still good, and you can see the whole of Shenzhen.

But you can't see anything when you go further up.

In short, after climbing for more than an hour, you can reach the destination, which is Xiaowutong.

This tower is the Shenzhen TV Tower. I don't know if it is still in operation, but the relay station for Wutong Mountain should be nearby. So I took out my handheld radio to communicate, but there was no response after calling for a minute.

Suddenly I remembered that today is the college entrance examination day, and the relay station is turned off.
So the primary purpose of this trip was not achieved, which is very regrettable.

2. The Nightmare Begins - Descending the Mountain, Shenzhen Metro, Bus 216, Dongguan Rail#

If I had returned directly from the same route, my muscles might be more comfortable now, but obviously I didn't.


Walking a short distance from the mountaintop will take you to the Wutong Mountain Top Station, which is the unclear block in the fog. I think this style is very similar to Silent Hill.


The total journey took ten minutes and cost me ten yuan. There are people following the high-speed train, so I call it "grabbing the bus".

The terminal station is Haohanpo. After climbing the hill again, you can reach the real summit of Wutong Mountain, which is at an altitude of 792 meters.

Then it's time to descend the mountain. I took the Baitong Road, which has a beautiful name but is very challenging. I don't know what they were thinking.

More than half of the road down the mountain is not paved with stone slabs, but with stones like this. I don't know if it can be called a road.

There was also a little episode. My main SIM card was not set to roaming, so China Telecom kindly roamed me to Hong Kong and charged me 25 yuan.
It took me two hours to descend the mountain, and my legs were trembling.

Next, I took the subway to Dongguan.
The station I got on was Shenzhen Foreign Language School, which is a bit far from the foot of the mountain.
I can't believe the decoration and the distance of at least 600 meters between the entrance and the platform. It's hard to imagine that this is the Shenzhen Metro, but after all, it is in the suburbs, so having a subway is already good. It's just nice to let my legs relax a bit, and the overall experience of Line 2 is also good.
Business! Class! Seat!
This thing cost me 70 yuan on the MTR. I didn't expect to see it here too.
Although the most urgent thing is to find a seat to rest, it's okay to spend some money. But it turns out that the Shenzhen Metro does not support using a transportation card to sit in the business class. I can't understand it.

After arriving at Bitou, I was ready to exit the gate, but for some reason, the gate couldn't read my card, and the station system couldn't deduct the fare. According to the explanation from the staff, this kind of cross-region transportation card is not compatible with the Shenzhen Metro. I finally solved it at the self-service machine, but...


What's the deal with your card-swiping time? When did I time travel?
In short, the 12 yuan subway only cost me 2 yuan, which is quite a bargain.
Next, I took bus 216 in Dongguan, and luckily I got a seat.

After an hour and forty minutes on the bus, I finally arrived at Humen Railway Station on Dongguan Rail Line 2.


3. The End of the Nightmare - Guangdong Intercity Railway - Guangzhou Metro#

After taking the subway to Xiping West Station, I could transfer to our great Guangdong Intercity Railway. I have never wanted to ride CRH6A so much.



I took the express train, and after Xiping West, it only stopped at Dongguan East before reaching Guangzhou Changlong Station. The train number is CRH6A-0603, and there is an orange mark on the upper part of the train, which looks cool.

The passenger flow is very high, and there was no chance to sit after boarding. I don't know whether to praise or criticize this. At this point, my legs were already numb, so it didn't matter.

The train can reach a top speed of 190 km/h, which is very good.

After arriving at Guangzhou Changlong, I needed to exit and transfer to Line 7 of the Guangzhou Metro, which is about 700 meters away. My journey ended here.

9. Thoughts?#

This trip, except for the high-speed train in the morning and the bus on the mountain, can be said to have maximized the value of the tickets. Even if we don't count the 12 yuan that the Shenzhen Metro deducted less, the expenses are still under control.

But if you ask me if I want to experience this kind of journey again, I would still answer "yes". The source of fatigue during the journey is not the commuting, but the mountain climbing. On the way up the mountain, I asked myself many times, "Should I stop here?" "Should I just give up?" But the reason I climbed to the top was that there was no turning back. It's this kind of reason that seems ridiculous but supports me to reach the destination. And choosing public transportation is purely my personal preference. Just like what my mom said on the phone, "Why are your hobbies so strange?" I also think so, it's completely nonsensical. However, I did enjoy this trip. The experience and feeling brought by the high-speed train and bus are completely different from airplanes and private cars. The same mode of transportation may not be suitable for me to travel. Traveling is not just about the destination, but also about the journey.

By the time I reached this point, I was lying in bed in pain because my whole body was sore. Love life, stay away from Wutong Mountain.

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