Guidance on Amateur Radio Operation for Minors in Guangdong Province

Amateur Radio Station Management Measures
Article 8 Minors can establish and use amateur radio stations operating in the 30-3000MHz frequency band with a maximum transmitting power not exceeding 25 watts.

I was excited when I saw this. Finally, after five hundred years, my license can be set up. Now that the call sign has been issued, let me write about the pitfalls I encountered.

The prerequisite for setting up a station is to obtain the "Amateur Radio Station Operator Qualification Certificate" issued by CRAC. The exam content is not repeated here. You need to fill out the "Amateur Radio Station Setup and Use Application Form" here, take photos of the approval code, serial number, and front appearance of your equipment, and then submit the documents to the "Guangdong Government Service Center" here.

Please note:

  • For nationwide station setups, you need to fill out a station setup rationale statement. I was too lazy to do it, so I just did it within the province.
  • Minors setting up stations require the guardian to sign on the application form and submit a guardian's informed consent letter (xxx (ID: ***) as the father/mother of yyy, understands and agrees to yyy setting up an amateur radio station, etc.), household registration book front page, guardian page, applicant page, or other materials proving the relationship between the guardian and the applicant.

You cannot directly check the progress at the government service center. You need to check in the dedicated service system, which is the worst part. It takes about five days to complete the process. After completion, you can find the digital certificate in the "Yue Sheng Shi" digital center. It's quite blurry, sending it to your email would be much better.
That's all for now. DE BD7PZX

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