A Study on IPFS

IPFS is a concept that emerged during the hype of blockchain a few years ago. My understanding is that it allows you to store your files on the chain and access them using hash values. For example, a navigation page can be accessed using IPNS and IPFS.
IPNS can be understood as the DNS server within IPFS, used in conjunction with DNSLink. For example, points to the CID QmaPqMkMm2gzjyWvfw2t73cPZsopr5BWb1tGSrh8uzhaVE, so it can be directly accessed through the gateway:
The CID (file ID in IPFS) is QmaPqMkMm2gzjyWvfw2t73cPZsopr5BWb1tGSrh8uzhaVE.
After uploading a file, it needs to be pinned; otherwise, it may be lost. Pinning is like having a node keep your file.
You can use DNSLink to map it to a regular domain name, but it's not decentralized, not libre. My mistake, should it be used as a short link with an actual domain name?
And ENS (Ethereum Name Service) .eth domains cost $17 per year, which is too expensive for me.

That's all for now, I'll write the rest later.

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