Personal Experience of "Journey of the Bell Sprout"

In my opinion, this film can be considered a very good one according to my evaluation criteria. There is a reason why it is called the culmination of Makoto Shinkai's works.

00x Plot#

Speaking of the plot, it follows the traditional route of Japanese anime, where the main characters, a boy and a girl, save the world. It seems that several of Makoto Shinkai's works are like this...
But that doesn't mean it's not worth watching. What is Makoto Shinkai good at? I think he is good at making ordinary things extraordinary. "Weathering with You" is a clear example of this—I wasn't amazed or touched by the plot when I read the novel version because the plot was too common, to the point where I already knew what he was going to say.
But when it comes to the movie, it's different. Makoto Shinkai's visual expression is unparalleled, and when combined with the music by RADWIMPS, it can easily surpass other films, including a certain Chinese New Year box office champion (definitely not "Manjianghong"). The control of music beats and animation rhythm gives the audience an unparalleled viewing experience. Anyway, I held my pee throughout the whole movie
It's strange that even though it's such a simple plot, why can't China produce something like this? Maybe I'm thinking too simplistically about this job, or maybe the current environment is not suitable for creators to work in.
I won't spoil the plot, but it touched me.

001x Artwork#

Needless to say, it's top-notch.
Some people say that if you don't know how to draw, you shouldn't criticize other people's artwork, but not all viewers can draw. So, from the perspective of an ordinary viewer, I will discuss his artwork based on my knowledge.
It's obvious that he has a typical Japanese anime styleobviously, he's Japanese. The colors throughout the film are vibrant and highly saturated, yet they don't make you feel uncomfortable. It's very harmonious...
Okay, I can't make up anything else, but in short, it looks very good and definitely lives up to his reputation. It's also great for taking screenshots as wallpapers.

010x Music#

Before watching this movie, a classmate told me that the theme song of this film is very beautiful, and after listening to it, I agree. If I were to rank it according to my personal music preferences, the song "Suzume" would definitely make it into the top five. The reason it's not number one might be because I've listened to a lot of J-Pop, so it didn't give me the initial sense of awe. However, as a work by RADWIMPS, this song is definitely qualified and even ahead of its time.
Aside from the opening and ending songs, the music within the movie is also good. Just as I mentioned in the plot section, the music beats and the pace of the plot are perfectly intertwined. This is also one of the major reasons for the success of "The Journey of Suzume". The combination of choral performances in the music and the progression of the plot deeply impressed me. The last time I was so impressed was the opening climax of YOASOBI's "Gunjou", which was already three years ago. Of course, the credit for the plot itself is also indispensable.

011x Small Details#

Japanese people love to pay attention to small details. Let me recall what I saw...

Using Felica to swipe a phone
JR train platform
Vending machines and McDonald's also accepting Felica
Circular saw and a bunch of woodworking tools
and so on...
Why do I only remember Felica?
Makoto Shinkai should be the spokesperson for Felica

100x Conclusion#

Conclusion? The conclusion is what I said at the beginning. This is a great movie that is worth spending a few dozen bucks to watch, but as for being a masterpiece... that's still up for debate. I think all of Makoto Shinkai's works should be masterpieces
After watching "The Journey of Suzume," you can also go watch "The Wandering Earth 2". Highly recommended. At the same time, let's mock a certain Chinese New Year box office chart-topper (is it you, Manjianghong?)

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