Recent events and complaints

I suddenly remembered this website. I'll find some time to write something here.
Recently, things haven't been going very well, mainly because of school. Going to school for five days feels like being in prison for five days. I'm woken up precisely at 5:50 in the morning by loud snoring. I'm annoyed by the noise from the neighboring dinner during class. I feel like I'm dying after a whole day of studying.
But chatting with classmates is still very comfortable and enjoyable. However, it seems like there aren't many people who want to chat with me anymore. I guess they're busy playing games.
Before school started, I was shooting film. I developed two rolls of Lomography film by myself. I'll definitely write an article about it when I have time~~(gugu)~~
I also have a few rolls of movie film, like Fujifilm.
The most annoying thing now is choosing courses. After a few months of online classes, it's like not attending classes at all. I'm really worried about being able to catch up with the important topics.
And there's Minecraft, playing survival mode with a few friends is so much fun.
I'll continue writing when I think of more things.

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