Learning, Everyday Life, and Radio Exams

Every time I write something, I have to open the Markdown cheat sheet, it feels weird.
They say Markdown is a very elegant writing language, but I haven't found a good Markdown editor to use. Now I'm using vscode to survive.
Anyway, let's write about recent events.

·00x Class Assignment and Learning

I was successfully assigned to the regular class! Although I did slack off a bit (meaning I didn't attend online classes), which was expected, there is still a sense of gap.
But it's a good thing, right? At least now I have the motivation to study and won't be as decadent as before. The key is to bring down those who managed to get into the top class.
Also, character and grades are not directly proportional. I learned this in middle school. When encountering trashy people, there's no need to argue with them...
Why not study hard! The Chinese education system is designed for studying hard. If you don't study hard, others will. In this cycle, you'll be stuck. After all, the country doesn't need so many talents. Whether there are more or fewer people, it doesn't make a difference to me. The power of one person is too small, and the amount one can create is too little. There are many individuals who can truly change the world, but it's not me, and they don't need me. After all, our country is vast and abundant, with no shortage of wonders.

·01x Daily Life

Speaking of daily life, I haven't watched "Nichijou" yet (ry
What kind of daily life can there be in school? Writing titles, doing exams, eating, sleeping, it's all the same.
But this school does have a diverse range of species. At least this class is very abstract, or you could say the class teacher is very abstract. Driving me crazy, lovely woman
She's so lovely, damn it. This class teacher has reached a certain level of stupidity. It feels like I owe her 800 yuan every time I see her, ugh.
I really don't want to say it, but there's no problem with the classes. We just do a lot of practice questions.
Abstract people are not limited to just the class teacher, some trashy people are also quite abstract, no judgment.
Speaking of which, I've been reading the book "Dialectics of Nature" recently, but I don't understand it. Actually, I almost understand the composition of those "awakening" guys in China.
Light Capital Engels
Table Table Table Table Marx
"Some middle school students in their teens want to understand our profound thoughts in half an hour."
World Famous Paintings
Anyway, the road ahead is long and arduous. Even as a reactionary, one must first understand the theories of others in order to refute them better. As the saying goes, "know yourself, know your enemy, and you will win every battle."
I hope to start reading "Capital" soon.
There's also "Electrical Engineering" and "Microcomputer Interface and Principle Technology". I can actually understand undergraduate textbooks, but there are still many basic knowledge that I haven't learned. It's impossible to study hard in university now, so I'll treat them as extracurricular books.
Joke: Why do Chinese people dislike the number 4? Because 4 sounds like "death" in Chinese.
Colder than braised tofu
And there's the club. The photography club has had one activity in the past three weeks, which is delightful.

·10x Radio

After waiting for 300 years, even the Qing Dynasty has fallen, and I finally took the A-level exam, ending my two-year listening career.
Biking to the exam venue
Sign at the exam venue
Inside the exam venue
Overall, the difficulty can be said to be non-existent (
I finished writing in five minutes and waited in the exam venue for ten minutes before leaving. I hope to get the certificate soon.

All in all, this month has been both good and not so good. Let's work hard.

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